Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Gifts

Here are some gifts I made for my nephews and Mia this Christmas but they are fun for anytime!

 Personalized Tote Bags

I used this tutorial from the bloesom kids blog as a starting point. I printed out letters in a font I liked, traced them onto freezer paper & cut them out.  Then I ironed on the freezer paper like a stencil and used acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium over the freezer paper.  I let it dry for a day or two and then took off the paper & set it with an iron.

 Marble Maze

Inside the totes were some art supplies and also a couple homemade games.  I made one of these each for both older boys using this tutorial from Family Fun Magazine.  The idea is that you stretch bands in different patterns and roll marbles through the maze.  I included a bag with bands (I used the kind found in craft stores to make pot holders...similar to these) and marbles with each maze.

 Felt Fishing Game

For our youngest nephew, I made a fishing game from felt, fabric, batting and velcro dots.  There is a great tutorial here from Just Another Day in Paradise that I used.  I was excited to find fabric that looks like shiny scales on the clearance rack at Walmart - you can find all sort of fun finds there!
I don't know yet how my nephew liked the fish game but I ended up making a set for Mia because she was so enamored with them.

I also made a couple things just for Mia:


I got the idea from Mama Jenn in this post. It was super easy and cheap ($3 total) to make and Mia enjoys making patterns on it so far.  I'm using it in our Tot Trays this month with pattern suggestions in a sheet protector for her to copy.

Rag Quilted Fabric Letters

These are a big hit with Mia (almost as much as she liked the felt fish game for her cousin...haha!). She likes to throw them around and find which letters she knows.  They were pretty easy to make but do require sewing.  Get the tutorial and templates here from Happy Together.

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