Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Fun!


I haven't posted for a few months because I've been working on another big project "from scratch"...our new addition: Penelope Joy!

When we aren't busy baby-gazing, Mia and I have still been doing lots of fun things!  Here's some of the Easter crafts & activities we've been up to lately.

Easter Sensory Bin
In this bin:
  • Easter Grass
  • Egg puzzle
  • Foam egg ornaments
  • Plastic shapes (from party favor section): stars, hearts, etc.
  • Easter themed erasers
  • Little baskets & Easter bunny eggs for sorting

 Bunny Finger Puppets
This was a ton of fun! I found this tutorial over at: Craft Jr. for a bunch of different animals.  The bunnies were the only ones that turned out well for us (our "Easter Chick" looked more like a bug than a bird - not that Mia minded).


Easter Wreath
This was a quick and easy craft that Mia could do while I did things around the house. Just cut a circle from a paper plate, cut egg shapes from construction & patterned scrapbook paper, give toddler glue stick...and voila! Easy Easter Wreath.  If you want to do a fancy one try: this one from DLTK.

Pinecone Easter Eggs
Inspired by Pink & Green Mama, we collected some pinecones outside and painted them with acrylic paints & sprinkled them with glitter for good measure. This was a favorite: cheap, easy, and adorable!

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