Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bathtub Art

About nine months ago, I made Mia some bath paints and was so excited to do them with her. Unfortunately, it was such a bust! Because of her SPD (which we didn't really know about at the time), she flipped out. She began to paint - which she loves to do - but then started panicking and crying. I can't be sure but I suspect she didn't like the sensation once she touched the paints and then panicked because she felt trapped in the tub and couldn't get away from that feeling.

Fast forward to the other day when we were cooped up inside on a rainy day and looking for something fun to do. I decided to muster up my courage and give bathtub paints another try.  I was hopeful since Mia has been making great strides since starting OT and I also figured I could always - literally - pull the plug if it got to be too much. Luckily, she had a BALL!

We made the paints together before hand and this time I used an ice cube tray to hold the paints. I love this recipe and the best part is, because it's made of soap once we're done the bath is cleaner than when we started!


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